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Food delivery from the "I Love u P."

If you are looking for where to spend Sunday night in Odessa, and you do not like pretentious restaurants and expensive places, it is best to visit or on svitresto delivery of the new pub I Love th Petrovich. This so-called publicity pub, a place where not just tasty food, and surprising, shocking and exciting, and that's why its so fond of musicians, artists and poets of Odessa. Here you will find the atmospheric concerts and snacks that affect not fancy recipes and original presentation and excellent taste. You can order in this place all your favorite traditional Odessa treats at very affordable prices and with lightning fast delivery. Delivery works here with eleven days and eleven nights, and so you are virtually unlimited in time for your order.

Marine menu "on the hook" in the "I Love u P."

Publicity pub I Love th Petrovich specializes in seafood, offering its visitors a large variety of snacks, not only for beer and wine, but also refined and traditional dishes. You can also order in this institution salads as a side dish, for example, the "Tomato" with marinated feta cheese, Caesar salad with caviar fish salad with radish and Rapanu with new potatoes and smoked fish, and other extraordinary solutions to all the usual salads. But the main highlight of the local menu are main dishes, such as mussels recipe from the chef "on the hook", the squid on the grill, meat balls of sprat and mackerel on the grill and much more. Every evening, you can taste a new dish of the day, such as mullet for two, or any other dish of fresh catch, which is updated every day, and always surprising diversity.

Order cheap home delivery

If you type in the search of food service svitresto name or tempura tacos, the I Love Yu Petrovich is the only institution that serves the meals. Although the direction of the fish, there are To find yourself tasty treats and vegetarians, and bird lovers, and even fans of Georgian cuisine and desserts. And with svitresto, you can order food from this pub with home delivery, and get them in any of the districts of Odessa in just half an hour after ordering. You can also arrange the delivery of the original institution, and hearty meals for a big company, such as sauteed seafood, great steak fish, langoustines and a variety of side dishes such as potatoes, French fries, grilled vegetables and many other dishes.