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Cherry Pizza ordered home and office Odesa!

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Бесплатная! доставка при заказе на расстояние ДО! 3 км и сумме заказа от 150 грн. Доставка на расстояние 3 -7 км - 30 грн. Доставка на расстояние 7 - 10 км - 50 грн. Расстояние свыше - 10 км - Уточняйте у оператора. Ленпоселек и Пос. Котовского - Платная (мин. заказ - 250 грн) После 11 вечера доставка всегда ПЛАТНАЯ!
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Cherry Pizza - best pizza delivery in Odessa

To make the pizza turned out delicious, juicy and tasty, it should be prepared from fresh ingredients. Some restaurants and pizzerias in Odessa disregarded this rule by using semi-finished products, frozen billet and other unnatural additives. Cherie Pizza Service offers its customers exclusively natural food, which is used for making cheese and milk, fresh and juicy meat, crunchy vegetables and herbs, and a select flour for the dough. One time tasting dishes from this restaurant, you will not be able to break away from them, and ensure the high quality of each product used. In addition to quality food, this food delivery also ensures a high quality service, fast delivery of orders and operations in all regions of Odessa, which is why it is one of the best services for ordering food at home.

Choose for yourself the most delicious pizza

The pizza menu Cherie Pizza you will not find hot dogs and burgers, as well as other dishes, in addition to authentic Italian pizza. There are so many kinds of meals, including vegetarian, sea, sharp and classic pizza for every taste and budget. You can buy meat option with dried pork, baked veal, hunting sausages, fried sausages, bacon or chicken. Each of these types of meat is successfully combined with vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, greens, olives and olives, as well as sauces. You can buy delicious pizza in thirty centimeters for two or bolshuyu- fifty for the company. But it is better to order more small, to try as many flavors, and choose a favorite. new proposals are constantly appear in the menu, so you can try something new every day.

Order appetizers with seafood in Odessa

So, as Odessa located on the Black Sea, there is a lot of variety of seafood, of which prepare various goodies. At the service Cherie Pizza also found marine motifs, is offering customers a special sea pizza with fresh seafood and fish. You can order blyula with salmon, which is ideally complemented by white sauce, olives and mozzarella or the Mediterranean with squid, mussels, scallops, sauce and olives. To prepare these treats cooks use only fresh seafood that is delivered directly from the port and you are ready meals to be delivered while still hot, straight from the oven in any area of ​​the city.