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  • Working hours: 10:30 - 23:00
  • Delivery time: 11:00 - 23:00
  • Minimum order: Select the area
  • Cost of delivery: Select the area
  • Free shipping when ordering from: Select the area
  • Payment method: Cash to the courier
  • Kitchen: Oriental, Italian, Chinese, Japanese

Promotions and contests from the restaurant Timeout for Svitresto

Sin did not take the opportunity to get a free meal or a discount on your order online restaurant timeout, which is also represented on svitresto service. this institution tries to work closely with their customers and promote their orders of new features and competitions. For example, in social networks of the restaurant you can participate in the draw of free sets of sushi and rolls, joined the group and making repost record. In addition, those who first uses the site Iaym-out service gives free roll as a gift when ordering Japanese cuisine, and at the order of four hundred hryvnia you get one liter of specialty drinks for free. And if it's your birthday, you can count on dvadtsatiprotsentnym discount that a restaurant for birthday presents. Such actions not only help save money, but also to cheer up, for receiving gifts is always a pleasure.

Branded rolls from the service timeout with delivery Odessa

Online restaurant timeout is one of many services that offer delivery of Japanese sushi and rolls in Odessa. But here are prepared some types of rolls that everyone should try, and those who know their taste, want to make reservations at this place again and again. The main highlight of the service are dark rolls called BlackOut, which are prepared with dark rice, tiger prawns, exotic caviar tobiko and lettuce. Also, you will be surprised roll Azam, which includes a Japanese omelette, eel and avocado, or Sakana tuna, snow crab and salmon roe. Besides exotic rolls in the Japanese restaurant's menu is represented by more than fifty kinds of sushi, including rolls and the usual warm, sets and cuts, as well as nigiri and gunkan. All this you can order at home in just a few minutes using svitresto service.

That is certainly worth a try Timeout

Also, as the dark rolls, the menu online restaurant Time Out Pizza is represented black Joe Black, which dough is prepared on the basis of cuttlefish ink. Its membership also includes cherry tomatoes, cream sauce, chicken, mushrooms and secret ingredients from the Chef. Such an unusual pizza should definitely order a party to surprise and please your guests an unusual and tasty snack. Along with pizza Joe Black noteworthy and Buffalo, which is prepared on the Extra-shortcakes with fresh ham, tomatoes, pickled onions and cream cheese. Such treats you manage to not book in any other institution, except as a timeout.