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Венский Штрудель ordered home and office Odesa!

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Viennese strudel with delivery to Odessa

The first date, like any romantic encounter must be accompanied by a delicious meal in one of the cozy and home restaurants or cafes of Odessa. Viennese strudel is such a place where you want to call your other half, to sit together over a cup of coffee and enjoy the local fresh pastries. And the case is not even interesting and romantic design with original interior solutions, and comfortable furniture, and smell. Amazing flavor strudel, who had just pulled from the oven, cinnamon, mint, coffee and baked apples captures you and overwhelms romantic mood, even there you do not go to the restaurant itself, and order strudels home. This, incidentally, is very convenient as it can be at any time from ten in the morning until ten at night to order a home fragrant and hearty pastries and one of the best tea rooms in the city.

Top strudels with various fillings can be ordered through Svitresto

What could be better than starting your day with a fragrant and hearty strudel, served in the tea room Viennese strudel. And if you do not even like to gather in the morning and go to the cafe itself, you can order fresh and fragrant pastries at home, using the service svitresto. This is where you can get acquainted with a diverse menu of this establishment, and in particular the diversity of its chief, the Crown dishes - strudel. Visitors are offered a large selection of savory strudels with salmon, chicken, mushrooms, or the original version with cheese, sheep's cheese, spinach and green onions, which will please not for everyone, but true connoisseurs will appreciate exactly its exclusive taste. You can also order strudel himself to work, because it's great for a snack, and never get bored thanks to a variety of fillings. In addition, you can order for home delivery and beverages Café Viennese strudel, which perfectly complement the hearty pies.

Sweet strudel - the best dessert and refreshments for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Many strudel associated exclusively with meat and spices, but it is also prepared with a variety of sweet fillings: berries, fruit, chocolate, caramel, jam and so on. You can book in a cafe-patisserie Viennese strudel cake with poppy seeds, apple, cherry, pear, which are also served with hot chocolate, caramel, sour cream and other watering. Also on the menu are presented strudels and other desserts such as curd casserole, cheese cakes, chocolate fondant, cake, cream brulee and other goodies that you can order a home delivery via svitresto.